Forgotten Realms

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 4.1

20th of Tarsakh 1489 DR  

After Returning to Greenest The members of The Iron Oath returned what treasures they could identify to the towns people, The town was very thank full giving the adventurers tokens of there appreciation.  The next morning the set out on Horses provided to them by Leosin. The spent a week on the road finding recent heavy wheel gouges from a heavy wagon. Arriving safely in Elturel they met with Members of several different organizations who have been Investigation the Bandits that attacked Greenest, who they had discovered were actually members of the cult of the dragon, and that may have gone through here several days ago. In  the middle  of that night they were awoken as Onnthar found that the bandits were on there way too or in Baldur's gate gate already. and he had arranged a ferry to carry them down the river to Baldur's gate. where they arrived safely two days later. In Baldur's gate  they met a merchant who aranged for them to join a caravan of wagons that contained the cultists headed north on a two month trip…



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